Setup a 25 x 25 area with a goal and a goalkeeper either side as well as a target player by each goal acting as a wide player without a ball. Inside this area, set up a 10 x 10 box with players having a ball each performing the Football DNA ball mastery skills ‘Slides, Toe Tap Stepover’ inside the middle box. Organise two teams, with players being given a number each, when the coach will call a number that number from each team then must play into a wide player and look to then receive a cross and finish, the first person to score wins a point and after their turn they are then to take the wide players place with the wide player then returning to the middle box.

Coaching Points:

Eyes Up: Whilst players are performing ball mastery, they are to keep their eyes up to help them to manipulate around other players. Once their number is called, they must look to play into their wide player as quickly as possible to win the race against the opposition player.

Speed of Attack: As soon as their number is called, each player should look to play into the wide player as quickly as possible and run forward ready to finish from a cross.

Timing of Run: After playing into the wide player the attackers should look to hold their run in anticipation for where the ball will be crossed too. Players should also look to communicate with their hands or by calling out where they want the cross to be played as well.

Finishing Technique: Depending on where the cross is played, players should look to adapt their finishing technique but also players will need to be able finish on both sides to help them finish quickly if needs be too.


  • To challenge the attackers further, add goalkeepers as well as defenders to make it more difficult for the attacker to score.



Set out two goals 30 yards apart with players paired together either side of the goal at each end with a ball between them. To start the move the player with the ball passes to their partner and then sprints into the middle to face back to goal receiving the return pass. The middle player then sets their partner for a strike at goal. After one pair have finished the next pair go from the opposite end to replicate waves. To progress the bounce player sets the ball backwards to then defend 1 v 1 against their partner.

Coaching Points:

Weight & Quality of Pass: All passes must be completed at a good intensity punching the ball into their partner at a good weight. The weight must allow two touches to be taken at the start and one touch when passed into the middle. The weight of pass will dictate the rhythm of the move and produce good combination play if performed correctly. Passes that are too hard will slow the move down needing extra touches to be taken. The same applies to the quality of pass with the direction being into feet so the player receiving doesn’t have to change direction. The set for the finish should be in front of the oncoming player to continue their running stride to strike at goal.

Speed of Movement: To ensure the attacking play is quick, players must move at full speed when sprinting into the middle. If the player takes too long it will kill the pace and the player will be left on the ball too long. The same applies once the ball has been set from the middle player that the second player is already on the move so the ball is always moving as it’s struck.

1 v 1 Technique: When the attacker faces the defender up they must try to get beyond them as soon as possible. This may be on their first touch as the defender is trying to set themselves and the attacker uses their pace to accelerate away. If the defender does well and prevents this then the attacker needs to off balance them with a 1 v 1 move shifting the ball and using body feints to create space for a strike. The defender wants to try and force the attacker away from goal and prevent them from getting space for a shot in central areas. Using their body shape to angle them onto their weaker foot will be a good tactic and then stopping them coming back inside.

Execution of Finish: Players need to make a good connection with the ball and direct it into the corners of the goal. They must select the appropriate surface to finish either the side foot or laces. Whichever they decide, good concentration Is needed to focus on keeping balanced and in control of their body to then strike through the ball. If finishing low then the body weight should be forward.


  • Instead of a lay off to finish, the middle player sets the ball back to their partner for a 1 v 1.
  • Add goalkeepers.