Overview: Setup a pitch with four boxes in each corner with two players per box with a ball each. Players manipulate the ball in their boxes, getting lots of different touches of the ball (have a player that leads the race and the player in second has to chase them around the box to tag them). If tagged they reverse roles. Once the coach calls change, players leave their ball and race to the next box. The first player to get to the ball wins the race and then becomes the leader when they begin to move the ball around their area again. Change the direction that they players race to and also change pairs to keep the game varied.

Coaching Points: Eyes Up, Ball Manipulation, Speed, Reactions

  • Players now take their footballs with them and now have to run with the ball at speed to beat their opponent. This may require players to take bigger touches to help them win the race.
  • Play without footballs with players playing tag in their area against their opponent waiting for the coach to call ‘go’. Also, making the area smaller will help players as it won’ t be as physically demanding either.


Overview:Setup an area with one player in the middle acting as a tagger, with the attackers starting on the outside of the area. The tagger in the middle calls ‘bulldog’ to begin the games and the attackers have to get to the opposite side of the area without being tagged by the player in the middle. If you get tagged by the player in the middle and they call ‘bulldog’ you then become a tagger in the middle too. Once all players get to the opposite side without being tagged, the round ends. Play until there is only one player left who then wins the game.

Coaching Points: Eyes Up, Change of Direction, Change of Speed, Problem Solving

  •  Attackers have a ball each and have to travel to other side, if the defenders win the ball they have to take the ball out of the area to knock the attacker out of the game.
  • Make the area larger, giving the defenders more space for them to move into which will give the attackers more opportunity to avoid the defenders.


Overview:Setup a small pitch with a goalkeeper in either goal and each team to have players off the pitch waiting beside a goal. Each player is given a number i.e. 1,2,3. When the coach calls a number, that number players join then enter the field to play against the player of the same number from the opposing team. Players have to then try and score. Once the ball goes out of play, the game ends and the coach then prepares to call a new number out. Add a time limit on the games to ensure players attack quickly.

Coaching Points: Eyes Up, Change Of Direction, Change Of Speed, Use Of Both Feet

  • Multiple numbers can be called at one time and/or the coach can overload one team by calling more numbers from one team too.
  • All players off the pitch have their own ball, once they have their number called it is the first person to score that wins (no defenders).