One of the key techniques for playing futsal is manipulation & controlling the ball with the sole of the foot.

We explore why this core technical skill will put the sole into playing football.

Putting the ‘Sole’ into playing Football

Unlike grass pitches, players don’t get any bobbles of the ball in Futsal and generally the ball travels much faster in Futsal due to the surface and a ball that is 30% heavier than a football.

Ball Control

In Futsal the players receive the ball mainly on the front foot using the sole of the foot.

The sole of the foot provides a bigger surface and the heavier ball means less bounce so young players quickly gain confidence when using this technique to control the ball.

In controlling the ball in Futsal it’s important to take the speed off the ball to retain possession and set up the next phase of play.

Ball Manipulation

As the ball is already on the sole of the foot players will sole role the ball to start dribbling or running with the ball, to make passes or take shots on goal.

Young players quickly learn a whole host of ball manipulation skills using the sole of the foot.

The flat rubber sole trainers and heavier ball ensures that the ball becomes more of an extension of the foot.

Players gain confidence quickly and are willing to try new tricks

Increasing Futsal Participation 

Despite this the uptake in playing Futsal remains low within the foundation phase.

One of main reasons many football grassroots coaches and parents just don’t understand the sport.

Many have visions of indoor five a side football with letterbox goals and playing one-twos off the wall.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, Futsal is far more exciting than that!

Our take on this at Star is; why use a small tool box of ball mastery skills, when you can unlock a much bigger one?

Star Futsal is back after closing our development centres for the past 12 months due to Covid restrictions.

We will be looking to set up teams in every age group of the foundation phase to compete in the Leicester Futsal League next season through our exciting partnership with Leicester Futsal, who will be providing their coaching experience and expertise to unlock that bigger tool ball mastery tool box.

Playing for Star Futsal

We have partnered with Leicester Futsal who we believe are the best partners to deliver Futsal to our foundation phase players.

Leicester Futsal will be providing the development syllabus and all sessions will be delivered by the team of Leicester Futsal coaches.

The aim is provide through Star Futsal a structured pathway into playing high level Futsal in the youth development phase from U12.

We will be offering sessions for our Pre-Academy (U7s & U8s) & our Academy (U9s, U10s & U11s) and we hope to form teams in every age group to compete in the Leicester Futsal League.

The first session at Star Futsal Development Centre is on Tuesday 8th June at Queen Elizabeth II Leisure Centre, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

You can book a FREE TASTER SESSION by clicking on the button below.

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