Star Futsal is back with a bang and we we want to explore why futsal is good for the development of players in the foundation phase.

Star be re-opening our Futsal Development Centre in June and we have a exciting new partnership with Leicester Futsal who will delivering all our foundation phase training sessions as we look expand our player development and enter teams into the Leicester Futsal league for the first time.

We give 7 reasons why young footballers should play Futsal.

Here is Why Futsal is Good

  1. Ball Mastery & Control
  2. Improve Decision Making
  3. Encourage Creativity
  4. More touches of the ball than Football
  5. Gives Physical Rewards
  6. Offers Social Benefits
  7. It’s Just Great Fun!

Ball Mastery & Control

Futsal is played with a ball that is 30% heavier than a football and this gives confidence to young players when learning ball mastery skills. Ball manipulation in Futsal is mainly with the sole of the foot and ball control is on the front foot.

This alone widens the tool box of ball mastery skills and many of world’s most skilful players’ credit playing Futsal as a major benefit when they were young boys. Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Courtinho to name a few, all played Futsal in their foundation phase development.

Improve Decision Making

The constraint of the game having a 4 second restart rule makes Futsal a really fast game. This means players learn to play and think faster.

Encourages Creativity

Futsal is played on a smaller pitch than football 5v5 pitches, the tight spaces encourages players to be creative when on the ball.

This is enhanced by the laws of the game punish all physical contact fouls, players have the freedom to try flicks and tricks.

More touches than football.

In football the pitch sizes only get bigger, the small pitch and continuous play means Futsal players have more touches of the ball during matches.

This alone will improve their technical skills on the ball, plus developing their agility, balance, co-ordination & speed (ABC’s) at faster rate than just playing football.

Gives Physical Rewards

The players just don’t get time to stand and watch, as they’re always involved in the game. This continuous action boosts the cardio capacity of young players and the rolling substitutions means the players are encourage playing with high tempo in short bursts.

Offers Social Benefits

Because of only having players on court and rolling substitutions encourages players to have ownership on the part they play when sitting on the bench.

Challenges can be made to players to discuss while on the side to improve their learning and understanding of the game.

It’s Just Great Fun!

For the parents during the winter as it will be played indoors in sports halls, this gives them a break from the elements.

More importantly the players just love playing the sport and once they have tried it once, they’re usually hooked and that is why Futsal is good.


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